UnityYARD Bucket Truck Fall Protection Lanyard – 4ft

Boost Bucket Truck Safety: The UnityYARD Lanyard (4ft) Maximizes Fall Protection.

This 4-foot lanyard is specifically designed for bucket truck operations, offering exceptional comfort and unmatched fall protection. It prioritizes worker mobility within the bucket truck while ensuring ANSI-compliant safety standards.



Upgrade Your Bucket Truck Safety: Introducing the UnityYARD Lanyard (4ft)

Prioritize exceptional comfort and unwavering safety while working from a bucket truck with the UnityYARD Lanyard. This innovative 4-foot lanyard is specifically designed for bucket truck operations, ensuring a perfect balance of mobility and fall protection for climbers and workers who demand top-tier gear.

Key Features for Unmatched Performance in Bucket Trucks:

  • Optimized Deployment Distance: The UnityYARD’s 4-foot length offers ample reach within the confines of a bucket truck while prioritizing fall protection.
  • Reduced Fall Impact: Built with an interior stretch component, the lanyard absorbs energy during a fall, minimizing arresting force to less than 900 lbs for enhanced user safety.
  • Dual ANSI-Rated Snap Hooks: Equipped with two locking snap hooks compliant with ANSI Z359.12-2009.

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*Disclaimer: Always consult a qualified safety professional for proper use and fall protection guidance.*