Team Climbers

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UnitySafe Team Climbers

Because fall protection needs vary depending on the industry and work environment, UnitySafe has assembled a dedicated climbing team composed of experienced professionals from various fields. These climbers are more than just test pilots; they’re invaluable partners in our mission to provide the most effective and comfortable fall protection equipment available.

Through real-world testing and feedback, our climbing team offers crucial insights into the form, fit, and function of our products within their unique work settings. This ensures UnitySafe delivers fall protection that effectively meets the demands of each industry, keeping workers safe, secure, and able to perform their jobs with confidence.

UnitySafe Privacy Policy

Meet Dusty: They call him Dusty MF Gold, and for good reason.

When he’s not raining lead downrange at USPSA pistol matches, he’s scaling towers with the same ice-cold composure. This MILLERCO Field Safety Manager isn’t your average safety guru. He’s one of the masterminds behind the revolutionary Psycho Tower harness, a testament to his innovative spirit. Dusty keeps his cool under pressure, whether it’s a high-stakes shooting competition or working hundreds of feet in the air. Dusty’s a champion for safety, but make no mistake—there’s a badass beneath that calm exterior.