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Fall Protection Safety Harnesses

At UnitySafe, we are committed to providing top-tier fall protection solutions. Our safety harnesses are crafted to be both functional and comfortable, designed to meet the rigorous demands of various at-height industries. Whether you need a basic model or a specialized configuration, we offer a diverse range of harnesses to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Choosing Your Harness

Materials and Design: Our harnesses are built with lightweight, durable aluminum D-rings, combining strength with comfort. Each harness is designed to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.

D-rings and Connection Points: We offer harnesses with configurations ranging from 1 to 6 D-rings, tailored to your specific job requirements. Our models feature quick-connect chest buckles for easy use and secure fitting, with options for quick-connect or tongue-and-buckle leg straps.

Sizing Your Harness: To achieve the best fit, consult our Harness Sizing Guide. This guide will help you select the correct size for optimal safety and comfort.

Safety Standards: UnitySafe harnesses adhere to ANSI Z359.11-2014 standards, ensuring superior safety and compliance for work in the United States. We are actively pursuing additional certifications to expand our market, including for Canada.

Harness Accessories

Enhance your harness with our range of accessories, such as phone and radio loops, EZ-lanyard parks, and removable trauma safety straps. These additions increase both functionality and comfort, enabling you to perform your tasks efficiently and safely. Our belted harnesses come equipped with numerous gear loops and rings, each rated for 40 lbs., keeping your tools and equipment easily accessible. The waist belt and pads are fully removable, allowing integration with existing tool bags or conversion to a 1D or 2D bucket truck harness for maximum efficiency.

Specialty Harnesses

Recognizing that every job has unique needs, our specialty harnesses offer extra protection and functionality. Whether for bucket truck work, wind turbine installation, or communications towers, UnitySafe has a harness tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our Harness Models

Explore our range of harness models below, each detailed with its unique features and benefits.